10 tips to stay fit during the festive season

With all the chopped pies, chocolate boxes, and pigs in blankets, Christmas isn’t always so funny for our waistlines. That’s why we collected 10 of our best tips to stay fit during the holiday season.

Stay in shape during the festive season

Check yourself

It’s easy to pamper yourself with extra chopped pies during the festive season, so it’s important to stay in control if you don’t want extra pounds to reach your waist. An easy way to do this is to make friends with someone and make sure you are on the same page. It’s easy to “disappear” when you do it yourself, but it’s more likely to stay focused when you have the task of motivating others. Food diaries are the perfect way to track your calorie intake.

Set a goal

For example, if you are still trying to adjust to your favorite LBD at the end of the holiday season (without using a full-length vocalist), you will benefit more. Try once a week to see how you are doing. This is far better than weighing yourself because your mass actually has nothing to do with your body shape. Signing up for a half-marathon or 5-mile race that takes place during the New Year is another way to keep using your fingers.
Don’t handle food

Make sure you can’t afford an extra piece of popcorn or chopped pie as a reward for good food. The most important thing is not to associate the price with food. If you succeed in defending your goal, get something instead of drying or new lipstick.

Do it

Throughout the year it is known for a beautiful long course with many courses and one or two glasses of wine or soap bubbles. If you walk short 30-40 minutes after each, you will want to support the digestion process and stop delaying. In addition, after a big meal, your blood will concentrate on your digestive area, making you feel sleepy. By pumping it throughout your body, you speed up your metabolism.

Short and spicy

Even though there is a long list of things that you most want to do, you have to take 15 minutes twice a day to make short and sharp movement explosions. Studies show that the intensity of your training is far more important than the time spent in it. There are also many applications that allow you to exercise in a maximum of 15 minutes.

Let’s finish up

Lack of sunlight at this time of the year can be very frustrating, but don’t wait until evening to start exercising. If you have a house full of large families, try to get up early and go to the gym before getting up. This is something you must discipline if you do not give up your routine.

Cook by myself

An easy way to maintain your diet is to do everything for yourself. Although this can be a very tedious task, the rewards are far greater.

Family vacation rehearsal

Wear roller skates and start. You get extraordinary exercise without feeling overwhelmed. Your legs and core will thank you later.

Eat what you want

If you are not ready to hand over all the goods that come to you at this time of year, you must pay attention to two things to keep your body fit for marriage. First, don’t overdo it. Maintain a small portion and discipline yourself to take the minimum kick. You don’t have to have four baked potatoes if only one of them will please you.

Second, you must work harder in the gym to make up for the large increase in calories you consume. This is simple mathematics; If you eat more than you burn, it’s stored as fat.

Try winter sports

However, this is ideal for those who want to stay active regardless of any season. Winter sports are often very friendly and good for the body. A six-hour skiing day can burn up to 3,000 calories.

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