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5 ways to be healthy, fit and happy

Indeed, we all know that we can increase our weekly routine to be healthier, fitter, and less stressed. Unfortunately, our busy schedules, busy calendars, and lots of commitment often prevent us from being the best.

Here are 5 easy ways to be healthier, more economical and happier. And they do not change their lifestyle to enrich their daily lives.

1. Eat 20% Less: We all eat more than needed!

Start by never getting seconds. A portion of food is everything that everyone needs from a nutritional point of view.
Use smaller plates or bowls. If you want to eat less tomorrow, buy snacks.
Make yourself a protein tool. Fill your plate with salads and vegetables and serve less than a normal piece of egg white.

2. Exercise Every Day: Do something every day that involves exercise.

Exercise 20 minutes a day. Whatever will be. Walk, stretch, ride a bicycle, do yoga, jump rope, swim. The choices are endless, and as Nike said: Just do it. If you find one or two exercises that you like, you will not be bored.

Two words: random practice! Use the stairs instead of escalators, paddle in your own leaves, work in the park, wash the car, take a walk or ride a bicycle to the office, or park your car 3 blocks from the office every day.

3. Meditation: A great way to relax, relax, or set the tone of your day.

Try sitting and meditating for a few minutes at the beginning of your day. You can set intentions and enlighten throughout the day. There are many different ways to meditate – choose one that suits your needs.

Set the timer for 5 minutes, find a comfortable place, close your eyes, take a deep breath and try it.

Try a number of different types and find out what works best for you. Sing, sing, listen, read poetry or just sit.

4. Get more rest: Pay attention to your need for rest and sleep. Rest is not just how many hours of sleep you get every night. Make sure your week also offers peace and relaxation.

· Take a hot tub at least once a week. Add aromatherapy that smells good to you, and treat yourself to some salt or bubble bath. Warm bath water soothes your muscles and relaxes your mind. Add some candles in the bathtub and you are practically on vacation!

· Don’t minimize the importance of getting enough sleep. Crawl to bed earlier than usual and see how you feel in the morning. You may only need to add one or two hours of sleep to your normal schedule.

5. Increase the joy factor: Joy comes in all different flavors; It’s easier than you think to find ways to increase the enjoyment of your daily life.

I listened to music. This can be soothing or uplifting, depending on your needs. Try playing some of your favorite songs while standing under the shower to start the day singing or listening to classical music in the car, from home to the office.

Complete your life with a relaxing massage – this is truly a treat that you deserve. This is a great way to respect your body and calm your mind.

Plan scheduled dates with good friends and family. Bring a BBQ on Sunday or your family’s monthly date for dinner with your best friends. When you are with people you love and love, everything changes in your overall happiness.

And remember that it’s good to spoil yourself with this runny burger and an extra glass of wine from time to time, as long as you move your body regularly, eat wisely and deliberately take time to rest and relax.

Happy summer!

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