Author: Leona Shelton

Video Content Marketing

Video Content Leads To Better Brand Recognition Says Marketers

Using video content is the best way for having enhanced and better brand recognition Video contents nowadays are perceived as most underrated but that is actually not the scenario because these are considered to be most popular mediums for the better marketing of the businesses and there are several reasons behind this getting this much…
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How to Gain followers on Instagram Following with Instagram Stories

Instagram stories is an effective way to capture the attention of the people, keep them engage with your brand or business and grow your Instagram following. In this article, you can discover how to gain followers on Instagram with the help of Instagram stories. How to gain followers on Instagram with Instagram stories: The following…
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Facebook’s New Communal Video Viewing Feature on Messenger

Facebook is adding a new feature in messenger to further advance their video viewing option as a communal element. They are very eager to expand make progress with communal viewing of videos as it is an important factor for their success with this feature. The main reason is that many people who watch TV have…
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Chances of an Edit option in Twitter tackled by CEO Jack Dorsey

At an event in India the Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey talked about the platform. He talked about the future of the platform that what kind of changes the users will be expecting. One of the main change that many people are keen about it is the edit option when you are tweeting. This option has…
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Kimberly Anne Scott: know All About Eminem’s Ex-Wife

Kimberly Anne Scott got the spotlight when she started dating with elite rapper Eminem. The duo was high school sweethearts that tied the knot twice and parented one daughter. But both time the couple got divorced when Scott became the victim of a cocaine overdose. The two had the sour relationship due to the unpredictable…
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An account of all travels

It takes an awful lot of effort and courage for any person to travel to far off destinations where one is basically an outsider. Traveling is all about going to foreign lands and staying there for some time along with the locals. Understanding this, anyone who wants to travel has to be mentally prepared about…
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