Facebook’s New Communal Video Viewing Feature on Messenger

Facebook’s New Communal Video Viewing Feature on Messenger

Facebook is adding a new feature in messenger to further advance their video viewing option as a communal element. They are very eager to expand make progress with communal viewing of videos as it is an important factor for their success with this feature. The main reason is that many people who watch TV have started to engage more and more on social media platforms to discuss and talk about the news and information from the content they are watching. If people are watching news and shows on TV and are still using the social media to discuss and talk about it with others, combination of these two would mean uncomplicated success for Facebook.

What Tech Crunch has to say about facebook

This is exactly what Facebook has in mind at this moment as TechCrunch reported that Facebook is working on a new feature on Messenger that will allow the use of communal video viewing. They reported that you can just tap the “Watch together” option to watch a video with others while chatting about it at the same time. Everyone in the chat will also be able to manage the video they are viewing and can see who else is watching the video with them.

As of yet there are no videos, screenshots or any type of evidence to prove that this feature is coming or not as the discovery and breakthrough was made by analyzing the coding scheme of messenger. But we still cannot say that this is impossible or nonsense because lately Facebook has been adding many features, like “Watch Party” which allows the user to set a plan for a specific time with others to watch some content or videos and “Premieres” which allows the content creators to televise previously recorded content or videos at a specific time for others, which are all very similar to the new upcoming communal viewing option. As mentioned above, this is a great feature which adjusts with the recent trend of viewing and discussing TV shows, news and videos online on a social media platform with others.

But this idea as of yet has not worked out exactly as described above, even tho other companies have tried to use this trend for some time. In 2016, Twitter tried something similar with their “Television connected video viewing” feature, which allowed the users to not just watch programs on their televisions, but also be able to see and add tweets passing by in real time next to the program. Even tho this makes perfect sense and should in theory work out as majority of people said they tweets are very important and enhance their television viewing experience, but it still did not work out and very soon twitter had to shut down its television app.

This new feature by Facebook is not exactly the same. But the fact that people would schedule a time to watch a video with their close friends replaces the real life activity of actually going to your friends and watching it with them seems unreal and the point where the data about this feature provided falls short. Hence we can never be sure that this data is the whole story about the new feature.