How to Gain followers on Instagram Following with Instagram Stories

How to Gain followers on Instagram Following with Instagram Stories

Instagram stories is an effective way to capture the attention of the people, keep them engage with your brand or business and grow your Instagram following. In this article, you can discover how to gain followers on Instagram with the help of Instagram stories.

How to gain followers on Instagram with Instagram stories:

The following tips will help you how to gain followers on Instagram. Here’s how to use Instagram stories to capture the attention of your audience and compel them to hit follow button or buy instagram followers for immediate result.

Instagram Stories Stickers:

When you add a sticker with your stories, it increases their engagement and gets them in front of more audience. There are different types of stickers that you can use with your stories. But you can’t use them all with a single story. Consider using more than one sticker in a story.

The Location Sticker:

You can tag a location using location sticker in your stories as you use geotags with your standard post on Instagram. This could be any country, restaurant, business location, market or your city. When someone clicks on the location sticker, there is a live story for that specific location.

The Hashtag Sticker:

Instagram let you add eleven hashtags to your story and your non-followers can see your story under that hashtags like they see location stories. Try to use proper hashtags to your stories and consider to use that hashtags which have nearly 5000 to 500,000 posts under that hashtags. You can hide them under the sticker and reduce the text size if your story is messing up with your hashtags.

The Mention Sticker:

You can tag someone or brand’s account in your Instagram story with the mention sticker. It is a good way to let them know they have featured in your story. But try to tag the relevant people in your stories. Instagram allows you to tag ten users in each Instagram story but doesn’t make it spammy by tagging irrelevant users in the story. You can optimize your stories with the mention stickers. It is a simple yet effective trick to boost your viewers and increase the chances of being discovered by potential followers.

Instagram Stories Polls and Questions Stickers

Instagram stories polls and question stickers can help you to boost engagement, drive traffic and generate more sales. Your existing followers and potential audience reply to your message that give your post a higher position in Instagram’s algorithm. The regular question and answers sessions is a good way to stay connected with your followers and hearing from them. If you want to get insights into your followers through simple question then Instagram stories polls are the important tool to achieve the same. With Instagram stories polls and question stickers, you can get real-time and immediate answers from your followers and get to know the core interests of your followers by yes/no questions. More than that, you can better serve your audience when you gauge what they actually want to see and interested in.