Kimberly Anne Scott: know All About Eminem’s Ex-Wife

Kimberly Anne Scott: know All About Eminem’s Ex-Wife

Kimberly Anne Scott got the spotlight when she started dating with elite rapper Eminem. The duo was high school sweethearts that tied the knot twice and parented one daughter. But both time the couple got divorced when Scott became the victim of a cocaine overdose. The two had the sour relationship due to the unpredictable nature of Eminem ex-wife Kim. The rapper showed his dislikes against his drug-addicted wife in many of his songs. There are huge numbers of fans of Eminem all around the world and they want to know to about their tumultuous relationship and the life of his ex-wife Kimberly Scott. Here we will unveil some details about Kim that you want to know about Eminem’s ex-wife.

Relationship with Eminem

Eminem met with Kim when he was at a tender age of 15 while Kim was just 13 years old. Their mutual friend introduced them to each other at a house party in 1988. His ex-wife liked him at their first meeting. Meanwhile, Kim with her twin sister ran away from home due to their intoxicating step-father in the same year and stayed at a shelter home. After some meetings, Eminem brought her to his house when was in search of a place for shelter. Then their relationship started between the two after one year of their first meeting.

After 6 years of their on and off the relationship, they receive their first bundle of joy in 1995. Their first child was a daughter named Haile Jade. She was born 4 years before they got hitched. But disloyalty and drugs became the reason for their split. They tried their best to mend the relationship due to their daughter but Eminem saw his wife with another man when he was kissing his wife, Kimberly Anne Scott. So, they got divorced back in 2001. Eminem shifted her mother’s home with her daughter. She also got the legal custody of Whitney Scott (Kimberly daughter with Eric Hatter) due to her involvement in drug possession case. Later, the stage performer adopted Kim’s niece Alaina Scott after her mother’s death due to the drug overdose in 2016.

Remarriage with Eminem:

The couple decided to remarry after five years of their separation and got hitched in 2006. But they both could not endure their relationship and filed for divorce just after 3 months of their remarriage. They got divorced again in 2006.

Professional Career And Net Worth

Kim remained a wife of legendary rapper Eminem but she has no career which people are aware of. There are no details about her job and salary but her estimated net worth is $2 Million.


Kimberly Anne Scott has not been in the media’s headlines for now and it seems she wants to stay away from the news due to her unsuccessful marriages with Eminem and drug addiction. Though, she has many ups and downs in her life but now there are no news about her affairs/ relationship that made the headlines in this year.